hair shedding after 5th month of hair transplant



Hi, I had a hair transplant surgery about 5 months back (my hairloss blog link can be found below). I am applying Minoxidil since then and taking finpecia and hairbless ever since. The results have been very good so far and I do see new hairs. However, since last couple of weeks, some of the hairs have suddenly started shedding. Everytime I shampoo my hair, applying minoxidil or run my hand thru it, a bunch of strands are sticking to my palm ( 30-40+ of them approx per day). Is it normal? My grafts had shed during the expected effluvium phase during the 1st month post surgery. I thought 5 month is the time when they start to grow back and not shed! Interestingly, not all grafts had shed earlier- could it be that the ones that hung on are shedding now. I am not entirely convinced as some of the grafts shedding now are thin and small - so its got to be the newly sprouted ones. I spoke to my Dr. and he said it may be shock loss. Please share your thoughts. I would really appreciate it.

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