Non Surgical Treatment

Hair restoration surgery isn’t always the only choice for revitalizing your natural hair. For individuals seeking solutions for hair loss or thinning hair, there are a number of proven, tested products and treatments prescribed by your Ziering Medical physician that are good options to explore. Hair restoration surgery is the only permanent solution, but many of our patients experience great success in slowing their hair loss or growing new hair by using non-surgical products and procedures.


What are some of the reasons why your Ziering Physician may recommend non-surgical solutions?

Your hair loss is not yet significant enough for hair restoration surgery.

Patients, males in particular, would like to try to gradually regrow hair where possible rather than hair that seems to appear overnight from hair restoration surgery.

There may not be enough donor hair for transplantation, or perhaps the donor hair is not of sufficient quality due to illness or injury.

Other health reasons may exist that prevent a patient from being a candidate for actual hair transplantation surgery.

Many women have diffuse hair loss and if they use non-surgical options first, it may delineate the aesthetic zone that would benefit the patient most with surgical treatment.

Your Ziering Physician may prescribe hair restoration products or therapies for use either by themselves, or as part of an overall treatment that also involves hair restoration surgery.

When is it time to consider hair loss treatments or products?

As soon as you notice even the slightest amount of thinning hair. Hair loss is a progressive condition, generally stemming from heredity, so early detection and intervention is critical. Before you reach the point of excessive hair loss, Dr. Ziering recommends an expert evaluation to diagnose your condition and discuss treatment options.

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