Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE is a very labour-intensive process compared to the method used in Follicular Unit Transplantation, as minute follicles are removed individually instead of in a single strip which is then dissected.

Follicular Unit Extraction - Post Op


In the FUE technique, the entire donor area has to be shaved and then follicular unit grafts are extracted directly from the scalp, one follicular unit at a time using a .8mm to 1mm punch which creates an incision around the top of the follicular units and extracts them directly from the scalp.

Once the donor hair is harvested, the recipient sites are created in the transplant area and the follicular grafts are carefully and artistically placed in the same way as with follicular unit transplantation procedures.

If the Surgeon requires single hairs for hairline restoration, the extracted follicular units may be microscopically dissected.

Size of FUE Procedures

The emphasis of the Surgeon’s time in FUE procedures is very much on the extraction of the follicular units from the donor area, so the time remaining to artistically transplant the grafts into their new position may be reduced. Therefore FUE procedures tend to be smaller than FUT in terms of the number of grafts, or else are done over several days.

  • An average size FUE case would involve extracting follicular units for 800-1,200 grafts. This would take 10 hours approximately.
  • If a patient needs more than 1,000 grafts, the complete procedure may require more than one day of surgery
  • The maximum recommended number of grafts in one session is 2,400
  • It is generally accepted that the maximum number of follicular units that can be extracted with FUE and not show visible signs in the donor area is around 5,000 follicular units, although this would be spread over 2-3 surgical sessions

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